About the Lobby Grille

Locally sourced whenever possible. Incredible food whenever you want.

Montrose Memorial Hospital’s Lobby Grille is much more than your typical hospital cafeteria. It’s one part gourmet restaurant, one part non-profit organization, one part teaching platform, folded – not beaten. Lobby Grille’s mission is to use whole, local foods when and wherever they can. As an example, each week the Grille cooks, poaches, bastes or any other way uses 1,000 eggs from local sources for guests and patients alike. 

The Lobby Grille’s passion for local foods shapes it’s philosophy, spending as many dollars as it can locally to reinvest in the community. Tamara’s eggs are the perfect example of intelligent local: the Grille cooks with yolks and whites, saves the shells and food scraps to be used as compost and to be recycled by the hens that started the process. It’s a full circle.

In addition to a passion for local is a passion for flavor. Lobby Grille’s menu is filled with fresh, field-to-table inventory. Produce, dairy and meats are sourced from the surrounding areas. From bison to tomatoes; fennel to baby artichokes; and sweet corn to poblano peppers, as many items you wish to sample, the chances are good that the raw ingredients didn’t come from a can, they came from just down the road.

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